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COMING SOON! We're establishing an industry organization for new media professionals!

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We are just beginning the steps to form the association. We are seeking feedback via a survey, we are looking for applicants to serve on the association's advisory board and we are seeking founding volunteers. Even if you just want to find out as we have updates, you can sign up for the email newsletter.

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Apply to Be Involved: This organization will be collaborative to fully represent the new media community, and we need advisory board members and founding volunteers from various perspectives and with different skills.

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We Need Feedback: What do you envision for a new media professional organization? What would you need most? What are the pressing issues for this industry? Help us prioritize as we build this new association.

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New Media Industry Association is being formed by Kelby Carr, founder of Type-A Parent and Type-A Parent Conference.

I would love to hear from you! I can be reached at kelby at newmediaIA dot org. Also be sure to follow us at @NewMediaIA.

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